What is beauty? Beautiful inside and out. As we all know, knowledge is power, however, dance also has a power, which develops children’s perception of beauty and gradually shape their elegant temperament.
Sparkling on the stage, practice hard off the stage. Let children feel the great power of perseverance in the process of dancing, gain the spiritual growth, and develop their optimistic and positive personality.
Song describes ideal, dance expresses emotion, dance has its soul. Let children feel the beauty of life through dancing, feel grateful the parents, the life, and all encounters. The Red Dancing spreads love to children by dance. As children grow up with dance and love, they will grow into the kind of adults who have sincere and interesting souls.
Ballet is recognized as the most scientific dance in the world, and it can effectively improve the child’s walking posture and shape the body beauty.
Folk dance shows the essence of rich and colorful Chinese national culture. Enhance the understanding of Chinese culture through folk dance learning.
Learn to express emotions in body language, strengthen children’s role training and improve their abilities of performance and perception in dance works.
There are 41 National Academies of Music and Dance in France, and the Conservatory of Music, Dance and Theatre in Rouen, France, ranks in the top ten. The Conservatory has built friendly and cooperative relations with world-renowned conservatories in the United States, Italy and Germany. The Conservatory aims to provide abundant training and activities in music, dance and theatre, as well as plenty of opportunities of communicating and learning with masters of art.
The Conservatory of Music, Dance and Theatre in Rouen is a regional conservatory, established in 1860, a state-approved art institution, affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Communication. The Conservatory upholds the tradition of French music education and provides high quality music education, which is also a symbol of the development of Rouen culture.
The Red Ahoes
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